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Norwood-Director of Finance & Town Accountant

  • 22 Sep 2023 8:45 AM
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    MARILYN GORDON (Administrator)

    Status:             FLSA Exempt, 40 hours per week, non-union position

    Salary:             $185,000 - $195,000 annually

    General Summary: Under the appointment of the Board of Selectmen and under the direction of the General Manager, the Director of Finance & Town Accountant serves as a member of the senior management team. The Director of Finance & Town Accountant is the strategic financial planner for all Town financing objectives and is responsible for providing administrative direction and control of the Accounting and Finance Departments. This position oversees the activities of the Treasurer / Collector and serves as a member of the General Manager’s Finance team along with the Treasurer and Assessor.  The Director shall serve as the Board of Selectmen’s resource for financial planning and reporting.

    Essential Job Functions

    The Director of Finance & Town Accountant is responsible for both short and long range financial planning including developing financial projections for budget planning, and participating in the research, compilation, and presentation of immediate and long-range plans, capital and operational budget development, trend forecasting, debt service plan development, and overall financial planning and recommendations.

    The Director of Finance & Town Accountant develops and recommends to the General Manager policies for consideration by the Board of Selectmen relative to Town-wide financial administration; establishes procedures to implement such policies; and keeps the Board of Selectmen informed regarding the efficacy of all such policies and procedures within Town Departments.

    The Director of Finance & Town Accountant attends Board of Selectmen meetings on at least a quarterly basis to provide updates on the status of the Town budget (e.g. expense and revenue trends) and to present along with the General Manager, the Town’s long-range financial plan.

    In conjunction with the Treasurer, the Director of Finance & Town Accountant prepares the Town’s debt management plan, including recommendations for bonding, short-term borrowing and self-funding.

    The Director of Finance & Town Accountant establishes objectives for managers and employees under his or her control; manages and/or delegates daily accounting office functions, planning, and coordinating work operations to meet deadlines and priorities; determines the appropriate standards of performance; assesses performance and provides recommendations for all department personnel actions such as hiring, disciplinary action, promotion, etc., and ensures that the department is meeting its operational objectives.

    The Director of Finance & Town Accountant is responsible for supplying the necessary data to the General Manager for preparation of the annual operating budget and for supporting the necessary budget hearings. He or she shall develop and coordinate a budget schedule that meets the deadline dates as required, and is responsible for coordinating with the Finance Commission, the review of the Town budget and Town Meeting Warrant Articles that have a financial component.

    The Director of Finance shall be available to meet and work closely with the Finance Commission.  She or he will track, evaluate, and present financial information and trends to the Commission for the purpose of developing and presenting information for budget hearings, Annual and Special Town Meetings and other meetings requiring a Finance Commission vote or recommendation.

    The Director of Finance & Town Accountant attends Finance Commission, Board of Selectmen, and other Committee meetings when necessary to furnish input relating to departmental matters as requested; serves as an ex-officio member, with a voice but no vote, of every multiple member body of the Town involved with financial planning, policies or practices; attends meeting of professional and civic groups. By state statute, serves as an ex-officio member of the Retirement Board.

    The Director of Finance & Town Accountant’s responsibilities include administrative and management duties of all aspects of the Town’s finance systems with emphasis on the timely and accurate accounting and reporting of all revenues collected, and funds expended and assuring funds availability to meet obligations such as payroll, and bill, bond and note payments.

    The Director of Finance & Town Accountant oversees the processing of all financial transactions and reconciliation with other offices and departments; serves as the liaison between department heads and staff for providing information and data concerning all revenue, expenditure and budget transactions; and performs financial projections, cost analysis and implementation procedures, as requested and directed, for collective bargaining and other purposes; and prepares and distributes monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports to departments.

    The Director of Finance & Town Accountant oversees the Town's audit, and prepares the formal response to the audit and is charged with implementing approved recommendations. He or she also plans and supervises operational audits of the activities of Town Departments to evaluate the efficiency of resource utilization, and the effectiveness of the service delivery.

    The Director of Finance & Town Accountant is responsible for the proper and timely filing of all required State and Federal Reports and granting agency requirements, and is responsible for the fiscal year-end closing of the Town’s financial reports and documents. He or she maintains town-wide Fixed Assets and Depreciation Schedules and acts as computer systems specialist in the appropriate and efficient maintenance of GASB (Government Accounting Standards Board) requirements, records and reports.

    The Director of Finance & Town Accountant serves as financial applications specialist and works with the Director of Information Technology and the General Manager in supporting and setting IT strategy as it relates to the acquisition of financial information technology systems. He or she is the liaison with financial software system provider, and assists in the implementation of procedures by departments to ensure effective and efficient use of information systems including providing expertise and assistance in using computer systems report writing capabilities.

    The Director of Finance & Town Accountant responds appropriately to matters not requiring the personal attention of the General Manager and other agents of the Town. He or she answers questions from other departments, the public and other agencies or organizations, in person and on the telephone, providing information and making referrals to other offices and agencies as appropriate. He or she explains revenue and expenditure processing and budget allocation procedures and regulations; assists taxpayers in understanding town finance related documents; explains departmental procedures; and researches questions and resolves them within a reasonable period of time.

    The Director of Finance & Town Accountant may, at the direction of the General Manager, participate as a member of the Town’s negotiating team for the purpose of developing strategy or analyzing cost relative to collective bargaining.

    The Director of Finance & Town Accountant shall maintain up to date knowledge in the field of accounting, finance and Massachusetts financial laws and their applications through continuing education.

    Minimum Requirements:

    Education, Training and Experience:

    The position requires a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, Accounting, Finance, or a related field (or a bachelor’s degree with experience required of a Master’s Degree-type position. Requires a minimum of ten (10) years of progressively responsible experience in government or related areas, including management, supervision, information technology, government accounting, and financial control experience. Five (5) years of municipal finance experience is required in functions such as accounting, computer systems accounting, banking, business collections or finance. At least two years of managerial or supervisory experience of three or more accounting or business office setting staff is required.

    Experience in dealing with the public and a strong commitment to public service is required.

    Knowledge, Ability and Skill:

    Knowledge:Significant and demonstrated knowledge and experience of municipal finance operations and functions; Massachusetts Municipal Finance Laws, Massachusetts General Laws, the Uniformed Massachusetts Accounting System and relevant computer systems; and knowledge of accounting and finance principles and practices is preferred.

    Ability:Ability to maintain detailed and extensive records and prepare reports.

    Ability to work effectively under time constraints in order to meet deadlines.

    Flexibility to move from operational to systems demands among numerous departments.

    Ability to deal confidently, tactfully, appropriately and confidentially with the general public, private sector representatives and town, state and federal departments and their agents.

    Skill:Skilled in problem solving and project management. Excellent customer service and accounting skills.

    Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Exceptional skill in computer applications, including systems improvement, complex financial reports, databases and file development, data maintenance and manipulation, word processing, spreadsheets, personal computer and mainframe systems, ability to operate various types of office equipment including calculators, computers, etc. Proficiency in MUNIS and Energov software systems is highly desirable.

    Special Requirements:

           Massachusetts Certified Governmental Accountant training is required with certification within three years from appointment. Must be bondable.

           In accordance with the Town Charter, the appointment of this position as Town Accountant is for a three-year term.

           By state statute, serves as an ex-officio member of the Retirement Board.

    *This posting is not meant to be inclusive of all job duties or qualification requirements. Complete job description is available by emailing the contact below.

    Interested candidates, meeting the qualifications and expectations as noted above, should submit a cover letter and resume to the email address listed below no later than Friday, October 20. 
    Please reference Requisition #2023-44 on all materials.

    Lisa Uglialoro
    Human Resources Director

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