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  • 27 Oct 2022 7:57 AM
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    MARILYN GORDON (Administrator)


    Please submit an application via the green “Employment” button at Application review begins November 2, 2022.

    One (1) Permanent Full-time Vacancy (40 Hrs/wk)

    Grade I; Hourly Rate Range $30.23 - $39.70 Annual: $62,897.38 - $82,581.20


    DEFINITION: Position is responsible for performing professional accounting and auditing work requiring a substantial degree of decision making related to the maintenance and processing of the City’s financial records, controlling the expenditures of the City’s funds, and serving as department head in the absence of the City Auditor.


    Exercises duties set out in MGL Chapter 41,§49A, including analyzing and reconciling general ledger accounts, cash, receivables, revenues and expenditures; prepares correcting journals; analyzes financial data to correct irregularities and errors; prepares and reconciles balance sheet accounts.

    Reconciles utility billing with the General Ledger; handles tax billing, collections, adjustments including Enterprise and Community Preservation Act funds, tax liens and foreclosures.

    Trains City employees in Munis modules, including payroll, accounts payable, budget, purchasing, account receivable and general ledger.

    Ensures the prompt and accurate review of payrolls to ensure proper authorization for payment, the accuracy of sick, vacation, and compensatory time claims, and the control of payroll deductions.

    Maintains payroll databases; reconciles quarterly wage (Form 941) reports with Munis payroll; prepares and balances Form 941s with W2s; balances, prepares, and prints W2s and Form 1099Ms for transmittal to Collector/Treasurer; reconciles quarterly FICA and Medicare gross wages and taxes, along with federal and state taxable wages and tax contributions and transmits to Collector/Treasurer for accurate and timely filing of 941, W-2 and 1099Ms.

    Maintains record retention schedule for financial records and coordinates disposal of records under the secretary of State guidelines.

    Maintains complete and accurate records of City’s long term debt; prepares and posts journal entries for borrowing; encumbers money for capital projects at year end.

    Creates and updates changes to Federal and State tax tables, new funds and accounts receivable charge codes in Munis.

    Assists Auditor in compiling and submitting required state and federal reports during and at end of fiscal year.

    Sets up and processes balloon payments and creates teacher summer pay list for two school districts. Sets up and process Senior Tax Work-off payroll.

    Collects and organizes payroll records, overtime and employee classification status for Worker’s Compensation audit; reconciles calculations to W2s and Form 941s to ensure accuracy; utilizes knowledge of Worker’s Compensation job classification categories to ensure accurate application to employee risk codes in Munis.

    Balances and reconciles all year end encumbrance transactions and accruals; creates purchase orders and prepares and posts all journal entries for year-end reports; balances and runs year end reports for annual audit.

    Creates and posts monthly journals; verifies and posts Collector/Treasurer’s cash receipts, Independent Auditor’s audit adjustments and tax recapitulation journals.

    Performs Munis Data Integrity process for budget, purchasing, accounts payable and select payroll modules to enable City to upgrade Munis software.

    Assists with Munis upgrades by performing financial processes in test environment to detect and correct data irregularities to ensure accurate execution in live environment.



    Coordinates the activities of the Auditor’s Office with the Collector/Treasurer’s Office, Assessor’s Office, Human Resources and School Departments to ensure efficient and effective working relationships.

    Performs similar or related work as required.


    Education and Experience: Associate degree in accounting, business administration or related field and from three to four years of professional accounting experience, including experience with municipal finance, or any equivalent combination of education and experience, required. Bachelor’s degree and MUNIS experience preferred.

    Knowledge, Ability, and Skill:

    Knowledge: Knowledge of municipal finance, accounting and auditing principles, practices and procedures; knowledge of applicable federal and state laws. Knowledge of fund accounting and UMAS code structure. Knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles and budgetary functions. Knowledge of the operation of city departments.

    Abilities: Strong oral and written communication skills. Strong organizational skills and the ability to manage multiple projects and tasks at any given time. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, vendors, State agencies and the general public.

    Comprehensive use of spreadsheets and financial software. Ability to maintain data and records in Munis in an efficient and effective manner. Ability to maintain complex records; to analyze accounting data and to present reports of findings. Ability to manage numerous complex projects simultaneously and to carry out assigned projects to their completion.

    Skills: Proficiency in the use of computers including word processing, internet research, integrated financial management systems, spreadsheets and databases. Strong verbal and written communication skills; mathematical and analytical skills.

    Physical Requirements:

    Physical Skills

    The work involves physical skills typical of an office environment, including sitting, standing, walking and stooping. May be required to lift objects such as files, boxes of papers, office supplies, and office equipment weighing up to 30 pounds.

    Motor Skills

    The work may require motor skills for activities such as moving objects, using office equipment, including but not limited to telephones, personal computers, handheld technology, and other office equipment.

    Visual Skills

    Essential position functions require ability to read documents for general understanding and analytical purposes and the ability to view a computer monitor.


    Benefits are the same as other non-represented employees.

    ~~Equal Opportunity Employer~~

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